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Home Remedies for Wart Removal and Treatment

Wart is a common skin complaint; though the prevelence of the condition is poorly understood. Reports have suggested the prevelence may vary from 0.9% to 12% of the general population. Non genital warts in healthy individuals are harmless and typically fade away naturally. However there are a host of home remedies and natural treatment options that can help in removal of warts mandated due to cosmetic reasons.

What are the different types of Warts?
Warts are tiny growths on the skin that are by and large, not dangerous. There are different types or forms of this skin lesion. They may grow singly or in groups, they may itch or bleed, though they are usually painless.
Plantar Warts are the
most common type

They are usually classified based on the location at which they are found,
  • Warts on Hand/ Common Warts: A common form manifests as a flat or faintly raised growth, generally on the fingers and hands.
  • Warts on Feet/ Plantar Warts: A plantar form is seen as a flat or somewhat raised bump on the base of the foot, and may resemble a callus.
  • Genital Warts: A genital form is seen as a red-pink growth, having a small, flower-like top, and appears around the genitals or the anus. These are considered serious, given that, unlike the other warts they are extremely infectious; and some even raise the peril of cervical, penile or skin cancer.
What Causes Warts and are they Contagious?
The chief cause of these skin lesions is HPV or Human Papilloma Virus infection. This virus enters the superficial layer of the skin through an abrasion or a cut. After infection occurs, it may take several months for the wart to manifest. Poor immunity plays a contributing role in the development of these skin lesions.
Common and planter forms are somewhat infectious. Touching them causes a release of the virus, which can infect others. Scratching them can cause them to break up and bleed, thus, making them more contagious.
Indirect infection can also occur via floors in bathrooms and swimming pools. People who have a cut or scratch on the soles of the feet are particularly susceptible.
Genital forms are highly contagious and spread via sexual intercourse.

Natural Wart Removal Treatment

Here are some natural treatment options for the management of these lesions. These natural remedies help in reducing the size and occurrence,
  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A is essential for good skin health. It also helps boost immunity and eliminates skin growths effectively. A supplement of 50000 IU, twice daily is recommended for 10 days.
  •  Vitamin E: Vitamin E is another effective nutrient that helps maintain healthy skin. Experts advocate 1 capsule daily. Also, applying vitamin E oil helps heal the wart faster.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a powerful virus-fighter. Take 1000 mg thrice daily. Additionally, the tablet, mix with a little bit of water and apply to the wart.
Home Remedies to remove Warts

Here are some simple home remedies and natural treatment options for the removal,
Goldenseal for Warts
  • Tea tree essential oil: Tea tree oil is the most potent anti-septic aroma oil. A skin compress of tea tree essential oil will yield beneficial results. It helps kill the virus and speeds up healing.
  • Garlic oil: Garlic oil is another potent remedy for warts. Garlic has always been considered a powerful infection fighter. Using the oil every day as a skin compress is highly useful.
  • Goldenseal: soak a swab of cotton in a tincture of goldenseal and apply over the wart. Goldenseal enhances immunity and destroys the virus that causes warts.
Stubborn and obstinate warts which may not respond to corrosive treatments are managed by freezing. The doctor will freeze the wart with liquid nitrogen. This is effective in 70 - 80 % of patients. It is not apt for those areas of the skin that have poor blood supply and is not recommended in children. Also, it is fraught with a risk of causing damage to the underlying tissues and scarring

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