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Home Remedies for Muscle Pain: Treating Muscle Aches using Natural Treatment

Though not at all serious, muscle pain and muscle cramps can be a very uncomfortable condition; consequently, understanding the cause of muscle pain and relieving muscle pain quickly is very important. There are a host of home remedies and natural treatment options to relive muscle pain and treat muscle soreness promptly

What Causes  Muscle Pain and Spasms ? 

Massage Relieves
Muscle Pain
Soreness, pain and stiffness of the muscle develop as a consequence of overdoing a certain physical activity, such as overextending yourself, running the marathon, lifting a heavy bag, excessive exercise or digging the garden. This type of muscle pain begins 1 to 2 days after the physical activity and may last for almost a week.
Any new and strenuous physical activity triggers muscle pain. Pain is an indication of microscopic tear within the muscle, which rebuilds in a few days. Almost all activities cause the muscle to lengthen against force, and consequently generate this type of injury, thereby, setting off muscular soreness

Muscle spasms or muscle cramps occur when the muscle unexpectedly contracts and fails to relax. Cramps commonly occur in the calf, foot, or thigh; they occur at any time, even during sleep.

On the other hand, a muscle spasm does not occur due to an injury; the exact cause is unknown. By and large, an inequity in the minerals – calcium and magnesium, which manage contraction and relaxation of muscles, is a significant triggering factor. Also, inadequate intake of fluids can prompt the occurrence of a cramp. Other triggers include: wearing high heels, sleeping with the bedding tightly wrapped around the legs and excessive exercise during the day.
Natural Remedies to Treat Muscle Aches

Here are some simple supplements and dietary suggestions to relive muscle pain and aches,
  • Calcium and Magnesium supplements: calcium and magnesium controls the contraction and relaxation of a muscle. Consequently, a deficiency of these minerals sets off muscular pain and aches. Consult your doctor and start these supplements for about 2 to 3 weeks.
  •  Vitamin E: vitamin E supplement is recommended for those who experience exercise-related muscle pain and cramps. Vitamin E is also beneficial for night-time cramps.
  •  Bromelain: is an enzyme that exerts powerful anti inflammatory properties. It helps allay inflammation and swelling, and drains out excess fluid from the site of muscle injury. Bromelain is available as a supplement; rich natural source of the enzyme is pineapple. 
An essential oil massage is the most effective remedy to manage muscle pain and aches. In fact, they work almost instantaneously.
  • Blend together 10 ml of a carrier oil, such as, sesame seed oil or almond oil, with 5 drops of Clove essential oil, 3 drops Ginger essential oil and 5 drops Nutmeg essential oil.
  • These oils tone and warm the muscles and also release tight knotted tension after heavy physical activity. Aromatherapy has the potential to benefit tired and aching muscles, particularly when they are cold and contracted. 
 Muscle Pain Relief and Natural Treatment

 Here are some simple life style related suggestions that can help relive muscle pain,
Stay Well Hydrated
  • Drink plenty of water before, during and after an exercise. Always warm-up before the and stretch after the exercise session to relax the muscles. Stretching exercises reduce the risk of post work out soreness appreciably.
  • Extreme soreness can be relieved by applying ice to the inflamed area.
  • To ease cramps in the foot or calves, grab the toes of the foot and flex the foot, very gently towards the knee. Simultaneously massage the calf in order to relax the muscle.
  • Regular yoga sessions help improve muscle flexibility and reduce the risk of muscle pain and cramps.


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