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Treat Osteoporosis Naturally with Home Remedies: Treatment Guidelines and Screening

Osteoporosis or loss of bone density results in thousands of bone fractures every year. Consequently, it is very essential to have regular screening , understand the various causes and treatment guidelines in order to prevent the disorder. There are natural treatment guidelines including dietary and lifestyle modifications that reduce the chances of avoiding pain and fractures later on.

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis means ‘porous bones’; it is a condition wherein there occurs a reduction in the mineral content of bones and weakening of their structure, making them vulnerable to fractures.
Osteoporotic Bones

The condition is associated with certain risk factors,
  • It is more frequently seen in women; older men experience it as well, however, their bones are denser and consequently, the bone loss is less severe.
  • After menopause there occurs a sharp decline in the level of the hormone estrogen, and this is relate to osteoporosis in women. Estrogen helps the body absorb calcium and keeps the bones healthy and strong.
  • A lack of weight bearing exercise poses as a risk factor for the occurrence of osteoporosis.
  • A diet that lacks calcium is another significant risk factor too.
  • Under weight people and small-boned people are at a higher risk too.
  • A family history of the disorder increases your chances of developing the condition.
  • Those who have taken anti epileptic drugs or anti-convulsants or steroids for prolonged periods are prone as well

Symptoms and Screening for Osteoporosis

Some of the common symptoms associated with the condition include,
  • Gradual loss of height accompanied by the development of a stooped posture.
  • Severe backache
  • Fracture of the spine or hip or wrist.
  • Dental X rays detect bone loss in the jaw.
.There are certain tests that are performed which help in early diagnosis of the condition, 
  1. A bone density study conducted or a DEXA (dual energy X ray Absorptiometry) can help in understanding the bone mass concentration
  2. In case of bone or joint pain and discomfort X ray of the spine or feet or hips is advised.

Home Remedies for Osteoporosis

Some home remedies and dietary suggestions to treat osteoporosis include,
  • Calcium: step up your intake of milk, yogurt, cheese, fish, broccoli and almonds. These are packed with calcium; and support bone health and augment bone strength. Supplementation is also a must, 500 mg daily.
  • Vitamin D: a supplement of 200 I.U. is prescribed. Vitamin D promotes strong bones and reduces the risk of fractures. It ensures that calcium is well absorbed by the body.
  • Magnesium: eat plenty of dark green leafy vegetables, nuts and legumes; they are loaded with the mineral. This mineral makes sure that the calcium stays in the bones.
  • Boron: boron helps decrease bone loss and is also known to increase the effect of estrogen as well as vitamin D. Incorporate lots of almonds, raisins, peanuts, prunes, bananas and broccoli in to your diet.
Weight bearing Exercises
to fight Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis Treatment Guidelines and Excercises

The following tips will help you prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis and also help manage the condition in those who have developed it:

  • Regular exercise, at least thrice  a week is a must
  • Quit smoking.
  • Restrict your consumption of alcohol.
  • When you take supplements, do ensure that you have consulted your physician; when it comes to supplements, more is not always better. Doubling your dose of calcium supplement tends to interfere with the benefits of magnesium and zinc; so don’t go overboard.

Experts recommend exercising on a daily basis; if that is not possible, you ought to exercise at least 3 times in a week. Weight bearing exercises are advocated; these are walking and lifting weights. In these exercises the legs as well as other parts of the body meet resistance.

However, get a trained instructor and do not be over zealous; begin with small sessions and gradually build up o the intensity and duration.


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