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Home Remedies for Piles: Treat Hemorrhoid Risks Naturally

Piles or hemorrhoids are not a very serious condition which can be treated promptly with home remedies and natural treatments. Though the prevelence of bleeding piles is lower, they are often a cause of concern and can result in serious health implications. Here are some simple home remedies and natural treatments to manage hemorrhoids and piles.

What are Piles? Prevelence of Hemorrhoids

Piles or Hemorrhoids is a condition which is characterized by swelling of the veins around the anus and the rectum. It is estimated that the prevalence of symptomic hemorrhoids is about 4.4% with approximately 10 million people in the United States suffering from the disorder.
In general, prevalence of hemorrhoids increases with increasing age. However, only about one third of this population seeks medical advice. While in most cases piles or hemorrhoids are asymptomatic, occassionally piles may bleed and very rarely may require a surgical intervention. Recent reports from the United States suggest that a steady decline is observed in surgical procedures performed to treat hemorrhoids (i.e. hemorrhoidectomy).

Piles or Hemorrhoids can
be very distressing
Hemorrhoids Causes: How do you get Piles?

Piles or Hemorrhoids can be largely classified in bleeding and non bleeding ( or blind piles). Blind or non bleeding piles are rarely noticed, due to absence of symptoms like bleeding per rectum. Bleeding hemorrhoids on the other hand are relatively more serious conditions, since; they increase the risk of blood loss and are responsible for anemia and other complications.

 There are a host of factors that are responsible for bleeding piles. Some of the common causes include, 
  • Continuous irritation or thrombosis is considered to be a primarily factor for bleeding piles. Internal piles (i.e. located in the rectum) are at a higher risk of bleeding compared to external piles (i.e. located on the skin).
  • Irritation may be caused due to constipation, which in turn can be attributed to higher intake of processed foods and lack of dietary fiber in the diet.
  • Sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time can also lead to venous congestion which in turn can lead to bleeding piles. Straining during stools can also contribute to venous congestion and piles.
  • Obesity and pregnancy are two conditions that are linked with constipation and increased abdominal pressure, which in turn can lead to piles
Hemorrhoids Home Remedies: Natural Treatment for Piles

There are host of simple home remedies that can be beneficial in the management and treatment of bleeding piles,
  • Local application of apple cider vinegar is considered to be beneficial in checking bleeding associated with internal piles. Vinegar acts as a astringent and prevents bleeding
  • Neem oil application around the affected area can be highly beneficial. Neem oil has anti microbial properties which prevents secondary infections and also helps reduce the itching caused due to the irritation
  • Witch Hazel Extract is
    beneficial for management
    of Bleeding Piles
  • Consuming Witch Hazel extract is also considered beneficial. The extract helps reduce venous congestion and also reduces inflammation at the site. It acts as a natural astringent
  • Consuming prunes daily is also highly beneficial. Prunes are loaded with dietary fiber and help fight constipation. This in turn reduces the risk of straining at stools and prevents formation of piles. Other foods that can be beneficial in treating constipation include raisins, fresh fruits, cereals, green leafy vegetables, etc. Consuming at least three liters of water each day is essential to manage bleeding hemorrhoids
Home based Treatment for Piles: Treating Hemorrhoids Naturally
Here are some simple tips that can help in management of bleeding hemorrhoids naturally,
  • Ensure that the anal area is kept clean and dry. Use mild baby soap to clean the anus after passing stools. Local application of Aloe Vera Gel is also considered beneficial
  • Sit in a hot tub at least once a day. The hot water helps improve blood circulation and can help fight venous congestion. Further adding a few spoons of Epsom salt can also be beneficial as it prevents secondary infections
  • Ensure that the undergarments that you wear are cotton made. This helps reduce irritation of the hemorrhoids
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights or straining at stools
Are Bleeding Hemorrhoids Serious?: Bleeding Piles Risks

Bleeding piles are often noticed when an individual notices blood in stools. Though in general the condition is not very serious, but it can result in further complications. Anemia due to excessive blood loss may result in generalized weakness, fatigue, lack of concentration, etc.

It is important to get yourself thoroughly evaluated by a physician. Bleeding during stools can also be associated with other gastrointestinal disorders like Cohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis and rectal cancer. 


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