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Treating Cracked and Dry Lips with Home Remedies

Chapped and Cracked Lips can be a cause of concern especially since it is responsible for unsightly appearance of the lips and is often associated with pain. Unlike contemporary belief, chapping of lips is not only limited to winters, but is observed in association of a host of other environmental, dietary and medical conditions. Though using lip balm or moisturizers is often recommended, there are a host of simple home remedies that can be beneficial in the management of dry lips naturally. In addition there is several simple home care tips, that can help reduce the frequency of chapping of the lips.
Dry and Cracked Lips
can be painful and tender
What causes Cracked Lips? Chapped Lips Causes

Chapping of Lips can often result in dryness and flaking of the lips which is associated with symptoms like soreness, burning, pain and tenderness. Though lip balms or moisturizers can help in reducing severity the symptoms of dry lips, home remedies and natural treatment options can provide long term and sustained relief.
Some of the causes for cracked lips include,
  • Dry and cold weather is considered to be primarily responsible for drying and cracking of lips
  • Dehydration or exposure to severe hot temperatures can also contribute to dryness of the lips and result in chapping
  • Certain deficiencies, including vitamin deficiencies and iron deficiency anemia can also lead to dry and cracked lips
  • Ill fitting dentures is another cause for constant irritation of the lips which in turn can lead to chapping of the lips
  • Allergy to toothpaste, teeth whitening agents, etc can result in chapping and drying of lips
  • Certain medications used for the treatment of chronic hypertension can also lead to lip chapping
  • Flu or common cold infections can also lead to drying of the lips, and are often associated with bleeding and pain
Home Remedies for Dry Lips
Though several individuals prefer to use chap sticks or lip balm for the management of dry and cracked lips, it should be remembered, that these are temporary solutions. Further, these cosmetic products are loaded with chemicals and preservatives, which not only increase the risk of allergic reactions but also increase the risk of secondary infections. Using home remedies is always more beneficial in management of simple and non life threatening condition like dried lips.
  • Honey is considered to be beneficial in management of dry and cracked lips. It hastens healing process and further prevents infection and bleeding. Honey also moisturizes the lips by filling the fissures and warding off dryness. Adding a pinch of turmeric to honey, before applying on the lips. Turmeric is a strong and natural antibacterial and prevents infections. 
  • Local application of a mixture of equal parts of coconut oil, olive oil and Aloe Vera is also considered to be very beneficial. Aloe Vera helps soothes the lips by filling up the fissures and cracks in the lips, while Coconut oil acts as a healthy lubricant, which prevents subsequent drying of the lips. Olive oil supplies Vitamin E to the lips which make them look more healthy and glossy.
  • Cucumber can help manage
    Chapped and Dry Lips
  • Rubbing a slice of cucumber has swift and strong healing effect for the management of cracked lips. This helps in reducing inflammation, soothes the burning pain and also prevents subsequent bleeding.
  • Ensure a healthy diet, especially during winters. Include green leafy vegetables like spinach and parsley in the diet. Include fresh fruits like apples, oranges, prunes, etc which are loaded with dietary fiber and improve digestive abilities and supply essential nutrients.

Home Care Tips for Chapped Lips
Simple home remedies mentioned above can be highly beneficial in management of cracked and dried lips. However there are certain additional does and don’ts in management of chapped lips,
  • Avoid licking the lips. Saliva tends to evaporate more quickly which in turn leaves the lips drier than before. Instead apply coconut oil or Aloe Vera gel on the lips.
  • Ensure that you remain well hydrated. Drinking at least three liters of water is a must, especially during winters.
  • Preferably breathe through the nose. This correct breathing technique prevents the lips from drying out.
  • Avoid the use of creams, allergens or fragrances which are known to cause skin irritation.
  • Very high doses of Vitamin A can also lead to chapping of the lips. In most cases, chemotherapy drugs can lead to lip chapping. These cases can only be managed by a healthy and nutritive diet. 

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